When To Consider Filing For Divorce?

Getting married is one of the most important milestones that an individual can experience. Marriage is something that entails a lifetime commitment to the person you are marrying. It requires emotional, mental, and financial readiness. You do not get married thinking that in 1, 2, 5, or 10 years, you will become disappointed and hopeless that you married the wrong person.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. As they say, you will only get to know your partner once you get married. Marriage can be difficult in a lot of ways. It comes with a lot of pain and stress. It is not all about good times; there will also be tough times. That is why there is a promise of “for better or for worse” when couples are getting married.

While there are couples who are able to patch things up and able to survive the rough times of their marriage, there are others who are unable to resolve their differences, and conclude that their best option is divorce. While there are those who still believe that everything will work out fine for their marriage, there are others who think otherwise and decide to put an end to their marriage. While many people still believe that 50% of marriages end in divorce, the New York Times has shared statistics refuting this statistic.

Considering divorce entails a lot of thought for the couple. According to the website of Marshall & Taylor, PLLC, divorce can be a difficult and financially straining process. There are many factors that you need to consider before deciding to end your marriage and move on. Here are some questions that you need to answer before filing for divorce:

1. Is the marriage worth saving?

When you married your partner, you may have already been aware that there will be problems that will come along the way. When you gave your “yes” to your spouse when they proposed, you have already signified your readiness to tackle whatever difficulties you might encounter. With that in mind, you need to ask yourself if you can still salvage or work out your relationship.

2. Have you tried seeking help?

If you and your partner are not able to resolve your marriage issues by yourselves, you can always get professional help from marriage counselors and therapists. If counseling is not working, try to look for another counselor before saying “That’s enough.”

Remember that even the most skilled counselor will not be able to fix your marriage. The effort would have to come from you and your spouse. If you truly want to save your marriage, you need to put effrot into salvaging it.

3. Has it caused so much stress on your part?

Every relationship comes with stress. Whether its financial, emotional, oe mental, your married life will always come with stressors. If you feel stressed out, try to open up with your partner. It is the basically the reason why you are partners. You need to resolve your differences together.

4. Is your standard for marriage too high?

When you got married, you must have your own perception of marriage. Try to evaluate your standards perhaps you might be shooting for the stars or setting the bar too high. Perhaps this perception of yours might be putting pressure on your spouse. \

5. Do you still love for your spouse?

Perhaps this could be the biggest factor to consider when considering divorce. If there is no spark left, are you willing to re-ignite the fire?

Married life is not all about living happily ever after. It also has challenges and difficulties. Communication will always be important to make your marriage work. There is no such thing as perfect.

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