Mastering The Perfect Dog Walk

Walking your dog is a great way to have some exercise for both you and your pet canine. It is not only the perfect time to bond with your pet dog but also to have some outdoor fun. According to the website of Walk! ATX, walking your dog should be done with enthusiasm and filled with love. But sometimes walking your dog can become a frustrating experience especially if you do not know how to properly walk your dog.

Walking your dog is not only beneficial to your pet but also to you. It will help keep them mentally stable. By nature, dogs are walkers/travelers so it is not enough that you have a large backyard or to take your dog to the park. As Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer puts it, “To your dog, your backyard is like a large fish bowl where they are trapped. Fish swim, birds fly and dogs walk. Having a dog should not be about only fulfilling our human needs, we owe it to out dogs to give what THEY instinctively need. “

Here are some tips on how to become a master in walking your dog.

1. Walk in front of the dog

The most important thing when walking your dog is to reinforce their minds that you are the leader of the pack– the alpha. When going out of the house, you should be the first one out and not the other way around. During the walk, your pet canine should either be beside or behind you during the walk. Letting the dog walk in front of you can result to behavioral problems in the dog. They can become hyperactive, neurotic, or obsessive-compulsive.

2. Train your dog to walk on one side

Your pet dog must be trained to walk on one side of you. You would not enjoy the experience if your dog will constantly weave back and forth or run around in circles. You could end up tripping or injuring yourself or your dog. If they keep circling around, show them what you want by doing these steps:

  • Use a short leash so you can keep your pet on your side and also to have control. Attach the leash to the top of the neck of your pet so you can easily guide, communicate, and correct them. Make sure that it is not short enough that you will be dragging them.
  • Make him get the idea of walking beside you. Offer them treats for staying by your side. Increase the distance between treats until they get used to walking beside you even without treats.

3. Maintain your posture

Maintain a good pace. Keep your shoulders back and your head held high. Your pet can easily feel any tension or lack of confidence on your part. Walk with pride like a strong leader. Your pet can sense it and will respond accordingly.

4. Keep off the grass

According to the ASPCA Poison Center, lawns and gardens can be bad for your canine friends. Insecticides and certain types of mulch can bring problems to your pets. Plant such as tulips and daffodils can contribute to the landscape but certainly not to your pet dog.

5. Bring some extras

If you are planning to go on a long walk, make sure to bring along some extras such as water, treats, and toys. Water can help alleviate whatever thirst your dog is feeling especially during the warm season.

Also, you can bring along some goodies and treats. Walking your dog is also a great opportunity to practice and perfect some tricks. Lastly, carry some extra poop bag especially if you are going on a long walk.

Walking your dog can be a fun experience as long as you know the proper way to do it. With these tips, hopefully you can become a master of walking your canine friend.